Poplapay Payment terminals / 3G connection issues

Thu, 13 Feb 2020 15:41:13 +0200 Feb 13 , 15:41 EET Resolved - No further developments observed since the initial 3G issue. Ending monitoring. Feb 12 , 18:22 EET Monitoring - 3G-network returned to normal operation by 15:45. We'll monitor the situation overnight. Feb 12 , 16:02 EET Update - Elisa 3G appears to have issues. Our payment terminals are not connected via Elisa, as they use only Telia or DNA for the time being. However, some cloud ECRs (electric cash registers) use Elisa connectivity, and therefore Elisa issues can cause the ECR to be offline, even if our payment terminals weren't. Investigation continues. Feb 12 , 15:51 EET Investigating - Today, Wednesday 2020-02-12 at 15:15 we noticed a drop in number of connected payment terminals. At 15:45 the dropped terminals appear to be back online. We are investigating this as a 3G mobile network issue.
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